The Statement of Chin Community in Norway on the 58th Anniversary of Chin National Day February 20, 2006.

Along with the Chin Communities around the world the Chin Community in Norway (CCN) observes the 58th Chin National Day in Moi, Norway on the 20th of February 2006.

The CCN joins with Chin people around the globe in the fight for human right and federal democratic system that is the only option of ruling system in Burma and self determination for the Chin people.

Reaffirming that today is the day on which, 58 years ago, our fore fathers laid down basis foundation of national solidarity, democratic system of governance and the unity among multi tribes dwelling inside the territory of Chinland.

As history has taught us Chin in Norway also firmly believes that the biggest blockage to succeed on our goal of self determination and democracy with federal democratic system is the ruthless Military regime who took the power to rule by force.

Therefore, the Chin Community in Norway hereby affirms and declares that;

  1. cooperation and working hand in hand with organizations, groups and international communities that advocate to human right and democracy is a viable alternative in the fight against Military dictatorship which is in power illegally in Burma.
  2. we will continue to go hand in hand with the Chin communities around the world in the fight to regain the birthright of self-determination and freedom as granted by natur.
  3. we will continue to demand the Military Regime in Burma to free Nobel laureate  Aung San Suu Kyi and the remaining political prisoners immediately.
  4. our fight for democracy and human right in Burma will always be alive until and unless the Military regime gives up its power and oppression over the Citizens of Burma.
  5. the Military Regime in Burma must allow the Chin people to celebrate Chin National Day as it is.
  6. we will keep our good works to assist the Chin people in Norway to adopt local integration, which is given as a requirement by the Norwegian Society.

20 February 2006                                                         CCN Executive Committee

Chin Community in Norway was formed in 2004 with the aims of assisting pro democracy movements, human right activities for Burma and Chin refugees to local integration, by a group of Chin refugees who see the need to identity maintenance,  join hands with other Chin Communities around the world, and local integration..

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