The Observation of Chin National in Norway Took Part in Lund Municipal

The Chin Community in Norway observed Chin National Day successfully on the exact date of Feb 20. There were between 70 to 80 guests from several backgrounds including Chin people from nationwide, representatives from Music Club, Municipal, Churches and other organisations.

The program started at 15:00 with a welcoming note by Peter Sang and after that opening prayer by Pum Za Cin. Lund Municipal’s Mayor Kjell Erfjord was also at the ceremony and gave an encouraging speech which focused on the importance of maintaining national identity while one is in another countries and the integration among the local community as a key to succeed in the future. Two Church representatives from Norway Baptist Union and Sion Pentecostal Church also delivered short greetings with references from Bible.

Computer presentation on Chinland and the Chin People today was presented by Peter Sang. Greeting letters from Norwegian Burma Committee (NBC) and National Coalition Government of the Union of Burma (NCGUB) were also read together with the statements released by Chin National Front (CNF) and the Chin Community in Norway (CCN). A Chin National song was sang in the middle of the program with music being played by a Chin Music band that was organized by Chin youth group.

Adam Ral Hup was an elder among Chin in Norway and the one who delivered a speech in Lai dialect (One of the Chin dialects). Just before the entertainment program started, traditional food ‘’Chang and Buti’’ was served by a group of Chin women neatly clothed with National Costumes. The so called Ring-dance was also brought in the middle of the hall by some Chin elders and guests regardless of what national they belong to were also invited to join the dance. Not less than 10 both from young age and middle age participated in singing and dancing to entertain the audiences.

Two local Medias were also at the place and took pictures and collected information for the next day news release. Almost 4 hours long program only came into a final stage around 18: 40pm.

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