CCN-ec & Contact Person Meeting Tlamtling Tein An Tuah Khawh

The Chin Community in Norway(CCN) ec upa minung 9 hna le contact person minung 7 hna cu, Moi khua ah August 12-13 tiang tlamtling tein meeting an tuah kho. Meeting ah abiapi

The Chin Community in Norway Successfully Hosted Chinland Constitution Consultative Meeting

July 28, 2006 The Chin Community in Norway (CCN) held Chinland Constitution Consultative Meeting with the Chin Forum Management  Board (CFMB) in Egersund, Norway on the 24 July, at where not less than 80

Chin Community in Norway Joins Prayer Vigil For Dr. Salai Tun Than

In support of Dr. Tun Than ‘s decisive plan to return to Burma to stage protest to topple the Military Regime in Burma, on the 19 of June the birth day of Aung

CCN Letter to IMDI

To, Director The Directorate of Integration and Diversity (IMDI) 0031 Oslo, Norway June 6, 20006 Respected Sir Osmund Carlheim, My name is Peter Sang Lian Thang and I write this

The Observation of Chin National in Norway Took Part in Lund Municipal

The Chin Community in Norway observed Chin National Day successfully on the exact date of Feb 20. There were between 70 to 80 guests from several backgrounds including Chin people from

The Statement of Chin Community in Norway on the 58th Anniversary of Chin National Day February 20, 2006.

Along with the Chin Communities around the world the Chin Community in Norway (CCN) observes the 58th Chin National Day in Moi, Norway on the 20th of February 2006. The

CCN Letter to Prime Minister of Norway

To Date; 2005-08-17 Kjell Magne Bondevik Prime Minister of Norway The Office of the Prime Minister P.O.Box 8001 Dep N-0030 Oslo Subject : India’s Security Council Candidature and its relations


By Zing Cung Introduction Chin National Day was the result of our forefathers’ collaborated effort in order for our Chin people to have freedom, liberty, equality, and management of our

Kan Miphun Ni Upat Hna U Sih

Salai Aung Thein (BØ) Ka hngakchiat deuh lio ah cun zeidah nai ngeih cem ti bia hal nak ka ton poh ah, ka chim theu tawn mi cu X mas

Fra Burma til Bamble

Bamble har i år tatt inn 14 kvoteflyktninger. Alle kommer fra Burma, eller Myanmar som den regjerende militærjuntaen kaller landet. De nye bamblingene har vært politiske fanger, på flukt fra

Report On the Formation of Chin Community in Norway (C C N)

We the Chin people from Myanmar formally known as Burma, in Norway have formed Chin Community in Norway (CCN), which shall represent all Chin in Norway in their good and