CCN Statement on the 65th Chin National Day

February 20, 2013

1. Since the arrival of the first Chin in November  2002, Chins settling in different parts of Norway have commemorated the Chin National Day every year. Recognizing the importance of this historic day, the CCN founded in 2004, had since then set one of its primary objectives to commemorate the Chin National Day by taking a leading role in organizing the event. The first CCN organized Chin National Day event was held in 2005 in Stavanger.

2. Since 1948 this special day has been observed with a solemn determination by Chins wherever they are with the same commitment in mind that our forefathers had from the very beginning. The Chin National Day was banned until recently by the military regime for decades, but the union level meeting held in December 2012 between the Chin National Front (CNF) and government official said that the February 20 would be recognized as a national day and public holiday of the Chin people. The CCN welcomes this move and encourage every Chin to be part of the struggle for self-determination and federalism in the Union of Burma/Myanmar.

3. The CCN acknowledges positive reforms taken place in recent political landscape after 2010 November election in Burma/Myanmar as encouraging steps but encourage that more needed to be done and all inclusive political dialogue is a necessary step toward a genuine federal union. Therefore we call on the government of Myanmar to genuinely keep the agreements reached and effectively implement the desire of the people.

4. We call on the government of Norway to engage in a more active approach with ethnic conflicts in Myanmar especially the Kachin war in northern Myanmar. We also call on the Norwegian business companies in Myanmar to prioritize businesses that promote the rule of laws, capacity building and development especially in the ethnic states.



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