Request to UNHCR Regarding Norway Bound Chin Refugees

Resettlement Officer

United Nations High Commissioner for refugees

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

April 6. 2010

Subject: Request to UNHCR regarding Norway bound Chin refugees

Dear Sir/Madam,

We’re writing this letter of request to draw your attention to some of Norway bound Chin refugees living in Malaysia. We have been informed by the Norwegian immigration department that Norway this year will take 200 Burmese refugees living in Malaysia. We also learn that the mission interview will start in the second week of April. We take this as an opportunity for Norway bound Chin refugees living in Malaysia to be able to get resettled in Norway.

There are a number of Chin refugees who contacted us, mentioning their connection to Norway and current situation as illegal immigrants in Malaysia. We are very concern learning that some Chin refugees are seriously in need of your attention as they feel they are once again left out by the resettlement process this time. What we are told is that some of them are registered refugees for years, but have not been interviewed for resettlement by UNHCR. What we learn after 7 years experience in Norway is that families and relatives of already settled refugees are well ahead regarding integration process which is important and yet the first priority when it comes to taking more refugees by the Norwegian government.

Burmese refugees in general and Chin refugees in particular are well accepted by Norwegian society as we are not yet part of the problems in their society, and that we are working hard and peace lover. The political situation in Burma also is another reason that we earn sympathy from the Norwegian society.What the Norwegian immigration has said is that this year quota is flexible, indicating that there is a possibility to take more refugees than the proposed number which is 200 for 2010. We know that UNHCR in Malaysia is responsible for choosing and referring refugees for resettlement to third countries.

Therefore we’d like to recommend some refugee names below for your consideration. The refugees below themselves contacted us for assistance, and we also take ourselves as responsible for making request on their behalf.

Sincerely yours,

On behalf of families and relative of Norway bound Chin refugees,

Pum Za Chin

President, CCN

Phone:+47 92 88 28 68

David Cenhrang

Secretary, CCN

Phone: +47 41 85 15 62

(Note: Names of refugees are not included in the website for personal security reasons. Details list are in the CCN file)

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