CCN Statement of the 63 rd Anniversary of Chin National Day

20. Februar 2011

February 20 is, for the Chin people, a day of firm determination and permanent commitment to freedom and democracy in our society. This day is therefore special and important both historically and politically, and is celebrated every year for 63 years.

Knowing that the Chins are distinct people with their own God-given land and own diverse cultures and languages, the founding fathers of modern Chinland joined by 5000 Chin people, gathered in Falam town on 20 February 1948 and made a firm and collective decision that the old traditional system of feudalism be abolished and replaced it with democratic system.

Even 63 years after the birth of the Chin National Day, the Chin people have not enjoyed what they desire and in fact they deserve. The regime shows no respect to human right and democratic principles; instead it uses unlawful practices to its own citizens through systematic and yet cunning methods. The consequence that the world knows of the Military rule is that Burma has become one of the poorest and most isolated countries in the world, civil war has been going on for 6 decades and as a result hundreds of thousands of people have died and millions have been internally displaced and another million are on the run as refugees.

Since the arrival of Chin refugees in Norway Chin National Day has been observed across the country and attended by people from different backgrounds. Several news agencies in Norway also have made reports about Chin National Day and that made the day known to local population. However the news coverage has never been enough as the Chins need more attention to our identity and plight.

Today in this very special day, the Chin Community in Norway (CCN) once again encourages the Chin people in Norway to embrace the fact that Chin National Day was not born accidentally and that this day is a day when our forefathers came together in unity to claim our democratic rights. CCN therefore reaffirm that our struggle for freedom and democracy in our homeland is far from over, and that is reason we must work hard in all possible means to gain what we have desired for so long.

Last year Nov 7 election in Burma has shown clearly that Military will continue to play central role in the country politics, therefore the changes that we need will not come soon. However we believe that cooperation and transparent dialogue among all stakeholders in Burma for national reconciliation in this stage is imperative and that only can pave the right path towards a more inclusive and effective system of Governance in Burma.

CCN also believe in the importance of local integration for Chin people in Norway. While maintaining our culture, language and traditional way of lives, working with democratization for our homeland, it is critical that we work hard to be more integrated into the local society and the system. In this way, we contribute something good to our host society that has accepted, helped us escaped from poverty and insecurity.

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