The 62nd Chin National Day Declaration of CCN

The 20th February , 2010 marks the 62nd anniversary of Chin National Day…the day that the Chin people gathered in unity at Falam town in 1948 to protest against traditional

The Message of The 62nd Chin National Day

Mr Chairman, Ladies and gentlemen, the ethnic chins of Burma, exiled in Norway, It is an honor for me for having this opportunity to address the message of Chin National

Salai Ceu Mang’s Speech On the 62th Anniversary of Chin National Day

[The speech below was delivered on the 62th anniversary of Chin National Day jointly organized by CCN at Froland, Norway] Dear Friends, Ladies and Gentlemen, It is a great pleasure

2009 ah Minung 4500 nih Norway Dawrnaknawl an Hmuh

2009 ah Norway ramchung dawrnak (Asylum) a halmi 10700 chung ah 4500 nih ramchung umnak nawl an hmuh. persent in cun 42 % a si tinak asi. Asullam cu mitam

Norway nih 2010 ah Burma refugee Pawl Laak a Timh Than.

    Norwegian Immigration riantuanmi sin in 2010 ah Norway nih Burma rammi refugee a laak than hna lai ti thawng theih asi. Afiang cang mi ah Thailand um Karen