Report On the Formation of Chin Community in Norway (C C N)


We the Chin people from Myanmar formally known as Burma, in Norway have formed Chin Community in Norway (CCN), which shall represent all Chin in Norway in their good and bad time.

The community’s aims and objectives are as follow,

1. To build unity and a well organized society among Chin in Norway.

2. To help Chin people in their attempt to adopt local integration.

5. To participate as necessary in the movement of our Chin national affair and human right concern groups inside and outside of Norway.

4. To help Norway related Chin refugees in all possible means.

5. To maintain Chin’s culture, costume and literature.

Committees and its structure

Size; nine members,

  1. President
  2. Vice President
  3. Secretary
  4. Assist Secretary
  5. Treasurer
  6. Assist Treasurer
  7. In charge of Information and Publicity
  8. Assist in charge of Publicity and Information
  9. Joint in charge of Publicity and Information

Contact person;

Peter Sang


Chin Community in Norway (CCN)


Ph; 52402152, Mob; 45486016

This document is forwarded to Prime Minister Office, Norwegian Refugee Council, UDI headquarter + branch office of west, south north, DVB and Norwegian Burma committee, CRC Malaysia on August 18, 2004.

In addition it is also shared to CNF vice chairman Pu Zing Cung, Victor Khen Sang, Victor Biak Lian, Margo Rayment, Teru, UNHCR Malaysia and Salai Kipp( Ger ), Francis Chan Cin Ceu, Roald Kristiansen, Knut felberg, Rudi and Cammila Buzzi (pd burma ) on August 19, 2004.