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Demokrati  Norge Velferdordninger Norskopplæring for voksne innvandrere 50 timer samfunnskunnskap Menneskerettigheter Ytringsfrihet Velferdsordninger Bolig- og boforhold i Norge Barnevernet Helsetjenester i Norge Straffesaker i norske domstoler        

Norway Umnaknawl Kong Ah Theihawktlak Tete

By PETER SANG Norway ram umnak nawl (opphold tillatelse) Norway ram ah thla thum tiang cu visit VISA in um khawh a si nain cu nak tam a um ding poh

My Personal Chin National Day Message

By PETER SANG Feb 20, 2010. Whether we are indigenous people of Chinland with our own centuries- long history and culture is no longer a matter of argument as we

Mi Tampi Nih Hngalh Lomi Norway

By PETER SANG Biahmaithi Senri magazine tawlreltu hna nih Norway kong capar tial ding in an ka sawm ve caah catial ding cun kai hun i tim ve nain ram pakhat

NORWAY THIMNAK (Norway Parliamentary Election)

By PETER SANG Date. Sep 13,2009 Thimnak pahnih Kommunestyre- og fylkestingsvalg; kum 4 ah voikhat tuah a si (…..2003, 2007, 2011). Ramchung register aituahmi political party vialte telnak nawl an

4nk CCN General Meeting

Kum 2010-2012 CCN hruaitu upa thimnak meeting cu 7 July 2010, Skien khua ah tuah a si i, atanglei bantuk in upa thar thimnak kan ngei. President      

Welcome to CCN website!

Welcome to CCN website !! Contents are yet to be published, so please come back for more information on Chin people in Norway and the organization’s activities. Sincerely, Webmaster

IMDI Nih Rogaland Ah Refugee Zeizat Laak Ding Thiahmi Cazin

Kum 2010 ah IMDI (Integrerings- og mangfoldsdirektorate) nih Rogaland fylke ah refugee zeizat kan laakpiak ko uh tiah thiahmi cazin cu atanglei bantuk in asi. Eigersund 35 Randaberg 25 Sandnes 100

Poland President le a Hnuzul Minung 96 Vanlawng in an Thi

Poland president, anupi le an hnuzul minung dang 95 hna cu,  Warsaw le Smolensk karlak  vanlawng an i cih lioah an vanlawng a tla i an zapi tein an thi. Hi

26 April ah Oslo Peace Center ah Burma kong Biaruahnak aum Lai

Burma Ralkap cozah nih tukum donghnak lei ah thimnak tuah ding in ceih asi cang. Thimnak tuahnak kong  ah hman ding phung (election laws) zong an chuah cang. Hi thimnak

Request to UNHCR Regarding Norway Bound Chin Refugees

Resettlement Officer United Nations High Commissioner for refugees Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia April 6. 2010 Subject: Request to UNHCR regarding Norway bound Chin refugees Dear Sir/Madam, We’re writing this letter of

IMDI: Norway ah Burma Refugee Pawl an Laar

March 29 , Oslo Red Cross ah an tuahmi Norway um ramdangmi kong ceihnak seminar pakhat ah IMDI (Integrerings- og mangfoldsdirektoratet) in a rami senior rådgiver a ttuanliomi Kofi Amankwah nih

Norway le Danmark Nih Burma Refugees An i Ham Than

2010 cu kanmah Burma in a rami refugees, abikin scandinavia phanmi hna caah kum tha asi kan ti khawh than. Aruang cu, Norway cozah le Danmark cozah hna nih Burma refugees laak than ding in biakamnak

The 62nd Chin National Day Declaration of CCN

The 20th February , 2010 marks the 62nd anniversary of Chin National Day…the day that the Chin people gathered in unity at Falam town in 1948 to protest against traditional

The Message of The 62nd Chin National Day

Mr Chairman, Ladies and gentlemen, the ethnic chins of Burma, exiled in Norway, It is an honor for me for having this opportunity to address the message of Chin National

Salai Ceu Mang’s Speech On the 62th Anniversary of Chin National Day

[The speech below was delivered on the 62th anniversary of Chin National Day jointly organized by CCN at Froland, Norway] Dear Friends, Ladies and Gentlemen, It is a great pleasure

2009 ah Minung 4500 nih Norway Dawrnaknawl an Hmuh

2009 ah Norway ramchung dawrnak (Asylum) a halmi 10700 chung ah 4500 nih ramchung umnak nawl an hmuh. persent in cun 42 % a si tinak asi. Asullam cu mitam

Norway nih 2010 ah Burma refugee Pawl Laak a Timh Than.

    Norwegian Immigration riantuanmi sin in 2010 ah Norway nih Burma rammi refugee a laak than hna lai ti thawng theih asi. Afiang cang mi ah Thailand um Karen
Peter Sang Lian Thang

Norway Ram Le Chin National Day Tuanbia (2005-2008)

Chinmi a hmasa bik Norway kan ke kan lamh hi kum 2002, November thla ah a si. Kum 5 chung ah Chinmi kan karh chin lengmang i nihin ah cun,

CCN le IOM Riantuantinak

CCN nih Norway ara lai ding kan Chin refugee pawl caah Norway nih a tuah tawnmi Cultural Orientation Course atuah tawnmi ah Norway  minung silole miphun dangdang a rak hman