Chin Student Union in Norway (CSUN) Dirh Asi Cang



Photo: thawngcinthang

NCCF [Norway Chin Christian Federation] tang i ummi Edu and Info [Education and Information] hruainnak in tuahmi a voi 3nk Norway Laimi siangngakchia tonnak cu Immanuel Baptist Church, Sandnes ah October 4, 2014 suimilam 10:30 – 18:00 tiang tlamtling tein tuah a si.

Tonnak ah aa tel khomi [Highschool  level in University kaimi tiang] minung 67 an si. A hlei in tutan a voi 3nk tonnak ahhin a min zong pek a si i Chin Student Union in Norway [CSUN] tiah aa tel khomi dihlak hnatlaknak in ser a si cang. Phunghram le Phungṭengnge zong zoh le fehter a si. Kum hnih chung CSUN hruaitu thimnak zong tuah a si i thimmi upa hna cu:

Ni Ṭha Bor                               Haotu (President)

Ṭial Kio Thang                        Haotu chang (Vice President)

Hlawn Tin Iang                       Chungṭuan (Secretary)

Ngun Lian Thang                    Phaisa tlai (Tresurer)

Bawi Mang Lian                     Thawngzamhtu (Information in charge)

Bawi Ṭha Kung                       Chungtel

Biak Ṭha Sung                        Chungtel


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